Research Fees

Research Library  and Photograph  Collection  Fees*

Item**                                                                        Standard Fee    Member Fee

Research Fee
(mail, email,  and  phone  requests) +                       $15.00             $  8.00

Additional  Hourly  Rate
(mail  and phone requests)                                          $10.00              $  5.00

Photocopy   (letter)                                                        $  0.30              $  0.25

5×7 glossy B & W photo print
(negative already exists)                                               $20.00             $15.00

5×7 glossy B & W photo print
(no negative exists)                                                        $25.00             $18.00

Additional costs for multiple
5×7 B & W photo prints++                                             $ 7.50             $ 5.00

Scanned Images                                                                      Contact Us

Shipping                                                                           At Cost             At Cost

*If you would like to use a photograph please print and fill out this agreement.
Photograph Agreement Form (pdf).

To view the form you will need Adobe Reader. You may download Adobe Reader for free at

*  There is no fee charged to individuals conducting their own research at the Historical Society.   However, they will be required to pay for any photocopying needed.

** The above items and fees are only for personal use of the copied materials.   Publication of these materials may require additional fees and permissions.

+ Initial research fee includes up to two hours research time.   Photocopying and shipping are not included.

++ Multiple copies of photographs can be purchased if the original copying fee has been paid.

The fees listed above for copying include handling and research fees.

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